Hey, Hi!

Welcome to my Panda & A Passport universe. My name is Cecilie and I have startet this blog to share my travels with you and hopefully inspire you to pack your bags and explore. Explore your neighborhood, your hometown, your country, your continent or an entirely different continent. I want this place to help people get the best out of their travels and for people to smile just a little after visiting.

Who is Panda & A Passport?

I am a travel crazy dane who recently moved to London to work and to expand my comfort zone. I have been traveling since I was a little girl with braids and some really ugly teeth and the memories and experiences from childhood have stuck with me. I am one of those people who always have a plane ticket hanging on my fridge or a little trip planned. I don’t think I would be happy without an experience to look forward to.

In 2013 after graduating physiotherapy in Copenhagen, I was not ready for proper adult life with a 9-5 job, and after 6 months of planning, I packed my bags for 3 months of backpacking in New Zealand, Fiji & Australia. The biggest adventure of my life. A year later I took a month of work to travel Asia by myself because I simply wasn’t done with exploring the world. The recently my travels has been focused on vacation spots and city breaks, simply because the long trips and traveling with no plan can be a bit stressful to me under the pressure of time. I need time to relax and enjoy my surroundings.

Traveling is in my bones and i love every the aspects of it! Making packing lists, packing the bags, walking into the airport and hearing the sound of my trolly on the cobblestones, because that right there, is the sound of adventure, exploration and freedom.

Thank you for reading, now go and explore the site!

XO Cecilie