Hey, Hi!

Welcome to my Panda & A Passport universe. My name is Cecilie Vester and I have startet this blog to share my travels with you and hopefully inspire you to pack your bags and explore. Explore your neighborhood, your hometown, your country, your continent or an entirely different continent. I want this place to help people get the best out of their travels and for people to smile just a little after visiting my site.

Who is Panda?

I have been traveling since I was a little girl with braids and some really ugly teeth, mostly charter traveling and roadtrips with my family and I have always loved speaking to foreigners when on a vacation. What I experienced on my vacations during childhood stuck with me and I always have a plane ticket hanging on my fridge. Well.. thats really not entirely true actually, it is in my passbook app, but you get the picture. In that way I always have something to look forward to.
Traveling is in my bones and i love every the aspects of it! Making packing lists, packing the bags, walking into the airport and hearing the sound of my trolly on the cobblestones, because that right there, is the sound of adventure, exploration and freedom.

Thank you for reading, now go and explore the site!

XO Cecilie

Countries I have visited so far